Introducing Varjo Aero

The headset you've been waiting for

Aero – the newest virtual reality device by Varjo is finally out! With a resolution of 35 pixels per degree, the Varjo Aero offers industry-leading visual fidelity, featuring true-to-life, edge-to-edge clarity across 115 degrees of field of view, and much more.

It is the best VR headset that you can get.

The Varjo Aero featuring:

Leading visual quality and performance in its price point

Edge-to-edge clarity at 35 pixels per degree. Makes professional-grade VR more accessible than ever before.

Advanced ergonomic design

Ergonomic design, reduced weight and active cooling that let the user stay immersed for hours in total comfort.

Collaboration capabilities

Broader interaction and collaboration capabilities with access to Varjo VR Teleport and the upcoming Reality Cloud services

Aspheric lens enhances resolution

Crystal-clear, variable resolution, aspheric lenses offering a massive step-up in visual fidelity (over consumer-grade Fresnel optics).

Affordable pricing and lower hardware requirements

Lower price point with lower hardware requirements enables more scalable deployments and new use cases.

Varjo Aero comparing to other headsets in the market

Technical Specifications & System Requirements

Create, train and run research with the highest-end professional VR/XR

The Varjo Portfolio


Varjo XR-3 delivers the most immersive mixed reality experience ever constructed, featuring photorealistic visual fidelity across the widest field of view of any XR headset. And with depth awareness, real and virtual elements blend together naturally.


Varjo VR-3 sets a new standard for virtual reality with the industry’s highest resolution across the widest field of view. By powering true-to-life virtual reality experiences, Varjo VR-3 enables a deeper level of focus in your daily workflow.

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The highest performance XR for all workflows

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