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How we can help?

For 30 years STORM FX have been providing the technology that powers Australia and New
Zealand’s creative industries. We are committed to deliver technology solutions that streamline your
business and increase your productivity.

For companies

However big or small your business is, we are experienced in providing the software, hardware, service and expertise you need to meet your exacting demands and budget requirements.

For freelancers

Whether your focus is in animation, VFX or architectural visualisation, we are here to give you the support and guidance you need to realise your dreams.

For students

Today’s students are tomorrow’s future. To ensure our student customers are on to a good start, we have gathered a range of products for you at a discounted rate from participating suppliers. Check out what’s available today.

What we do?

Creative applications

STORM FX offer a wide range of software solutions from leading providers in the industry. Whether it be architectural visualisation, 2D/3D/4D animations or AV/VR/XR, we can guide you to the right mix of software based on your needs.

Project collaboration &
management systems

Need tools to manage your team’s projects and enable them to work collaboratively across different teams and studios? Our experienced crew here can help you find the best solution to streamline your workflow and gain control over your data.


We understand that clients have their unique challenges and requirements when it comes to workstation. Partnering with industry leading providers allows us to deliver a complete customised workstation that’s tailored to your needs.

Cloud services

The cloud can deliver unrivalled efficiency and scalability for your business, but only with an effective cloud strategy in place. STORM FX can help you to ensure everything is configured and managed properly.

Post productions

We’ve spent decades helping clients in the post production space to get through their challenges and achieve their goals by providing technology insights and delivering complete solutions.

Custom render farms

STORM FX has aligned with a diverse range of leading render engine providers, which allows us to provide you with the optimal render farm solution you required, so you or your team can focus entirely on creating art.


Whether it’s locally attached or enterprise storage, we can help you plan your storage needs so that you’ll have adequate space for the data you generate now and in the future.

Pre and post sales support

Whether you need STORM FX for consulting, software or hardware, service or applications support, we are able to handle your needs and work with you right at the beginning to the end.

Contact us

Please use the form below to get in touch directly with STORM FX. A member of our team will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Storm FX offices will be closed from Thursday December 22nd 2022, reopening Tuesday 10th January 2023.