PODCAST – Creating Emmy award winning animation series & how to be a top creative director

Jo Boag has worked in the media industry for more than 20 years.  She began her career as an Animator and moved on to designing and directing animation for television and advertising. In 2001, Jo co-created, designed and directed Gloria’s House a 26 x half hour animated series which screened globally.

Jo has been the creative director at SLR Productions for 15 years and is in charge of developing and overseeing the creative direction of productions.  She works as the creative brand manager supervising more than 130 hours of content. Jo is an Emmy Award winning Creative Director and a ADG nominated for best animation Project. She was also the  2014 B&T Women in Media Creative of the Year winner.  In her executive role she works with original creators, writers, directors, actors, artists, broadcasters, distributors and publishers.

Topics Discussed:

  • – Advice to animators and illustrators
  • – Failures in your career & hard things you had to learn 
  • – Transitioning in to a creative director 
  • – Experience of working on Sesame Street
  • – Successful women in the industry 
  • – Awards – winning a Emmy, ADG & B&T
  • – SLR Productions & Creating Kids Tv series 
  • – SLR Pipeline and equipment
  • – Being a first time director 
  • – Revisions & listening as a creative director
  • – Writing & giving a strong brief 
  • – Methods for delivering bad news 
  • – Being effective as creative director
  • – Directing voice talent
  • – Project discussion Gasp! & Guess how much I love you.
  • – Reflection & the Future

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