PODCAST – Advice for first-time directors & becoming a leader in design & animation

Kelly Lynagh - Director, animator and producer, 12field Animation Studio

Masters of Motion had an in-depth interview recently with Kelly Lynagh, director and studio owner of 12field Animation Studio. If you are a first time director and seeking advice on how to negotiate with stakeholders to keep projects on budget, then don’t miss out on this fantastic podcast!

​Topics Discussed:

Advice for animators & designers
Best way to progress your career
Early career – Melbourne & Perth
The New Adventures of Ocean Girl & QUADS
Bigkidz : Building an animation studio
Merging animation studios
12field animation studio work & culture
Pipeline and studio development
Collaboration with Media world
Being a first time director
Exploring directing The Flaming’ Thongs
Directing skills & supervising style
Narrative and story
Sustainability of the industry
Narrative and Story
Quality & Failures
Having kids
Sustainability of the industry?
The Future

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