A New Era in Astronaut Training

Varjo & Boeing make history - giving astronauts a way to train for spaceflight in virtual reality.

With Varjo, the Boeing Starliner program unlocks an entirely new way for astronauts to prepare for spaceflight. Varjo allows astronaut training – from pre-launch to docking to land – entirely in VR for the first time. 

Chris Ferguson, Commander of the Starliner spacecraft

Transcending the way astronauts are trained

When astronauts prepare for crewed space missions, every step of the flight is practiced thousands of times. Although launching a spacecraft from zero to orbit takes only 12 minutes, it requires years of preparation and hundreds of hours of complex training simulations. For the mission to be successful, everything needs to go flawlessly. This is why the Boeing Starliner flight-test crew in Houston is always looking for new, innovative ways to train astronauts. 

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