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Motion Analysis Animation Plug-ins

Motion Analysis supports all of the major animation software packages including Autodesk's three solutions of Maya, 3ds Max, and MotionBuilder. Our Data I/O is also enabled for Newtek's Lightwave 3D, and Softimage XSI. 

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Motion Analysis BioFeedTrak

BioFeedTrak is a general purpose scripting program for designing and implementing biofeedback programs that can enable clinicians and patients to receive instantaneous audio feedback to kinematic movements. 

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Motion Analysis Calcium Solver

Calcium Solver is a powerful skeletal creation, setup, and motion solving solution. It is an easy to use tool to solve captured marker data onto a skeleton. The marker data drives a pre-defined, rigid, hierarchical skeleton definition. 

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Motion Analysis CamTrak

Virtual sets combine studio camera’s real video with virtual 3D graphics. To have proper image composition the characteristics of the virtual camera must replicate the real camera. 

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Motion Analysis Cortex

Cortex software captures complex motion with extreme accuracy. Real-time capabilities allow our customers to see capture results at the same instant as the subject is performing a specific task. 

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Motion Analysis Eye Mark Recorder Plug-in

The Eye Mark Recorder (EMR) from NAC Image Technologies is a device for measuring a subject's point of visual focus and pupil diameter. Precise single or dual eye movement measurement of lines of vision is conducted by sub-pixel rendering. 

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Motion Analysis Kestrel Digital RealTime System

Motion Analysis offers a second small format solution for those who desire a faster frame rate and higher resolution: The Kestrel Digital RealTime System. 

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Motion Analysis KinTools RT

Cortex features a full-body, three-dimensional kinetics and kinematics analysis package called KinTools RT. KinTools RT is the industry's only self-contained kinetics and kinematics analysis package, capable of meeting the demanding analysis requirements 

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Motion Analysis OrthoTrak

OrthoTrak is a fully automated, three-dimensional, clinical gait measurement, evaluation and database management system. The OrthoTrak System easily integrates kinematic and kinetic analysis with EMG and force plate data. 

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Motion Analysis Osprey Digital RealTime System

Motion Analysis announces a small format solution for those who want the technical superiority of a passive optical motion capture system at an economical price: The Osprey Digital RealTime System. 

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