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Di-O-Matic Bulge-O-Matic Plugin for 3ds max

Bulge-O-Matic, is an advanced spherify modifier used to project object vertices onto a Sphere. 

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Di-O-Matic Cluster-O-Matic Plugin for 3ds max

Cluster-O-Matic is a powerful selection modifier for 3ds max which allows you to create advanced soft-selections and then animate them with ease. 

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Di-O-Matic Facial Studio Plugin for 3ds max

Need to create a realistic, caricatured or cartoon head in 3ds max ? Whatever the ethnicity or gender you are seeking to create, Facial Studio (3ds max edition) will greatly facilitate the once complex task of creating 3D heads. 

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Di-O-Matic Hercules Plugin for 3ds max

For all those who thought muscular systems were only for major production studios and required complex custom rigging and scripting Hercules, Di-O-Matic’s innovative muscular animation plug-in for 3ds max. 

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Di-O-Matic Morph-O-Matic Plugin for 3ds max

Are you looking for a better morphing solution in 3ds max? Don’t look any further… our award-winning Morph-O-Matic is just what you need. Morph-O-Matic excels where other solutions fail to deliver. 

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Di-O-Matic Pose-O-Matic Plugin for 3ds max

It is no secret that most game engines do not support morphing for facial animations. Many rely on a bones-based rig and require the subsequent exporting of facial animation to the game engine. Pose-O-Matic is the solution you have been seeking. 

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Di-O-Matic Voice-O-Matic Plugin

Need to make your characters talk but don’t want to spend days or weeks doing it? You have come to the right place. Voice-O-Matic (3ds max Edition) is a powerful, plug-in which automates the lip synchronisation process for your animation. 

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