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Vendors arrow Craft Animation arrow Craft Animation Camera Tools

Vendors arrow Craft Animation arrow Craft Animation Camera Tools
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Craft Animation Camera Tools

Craft Animation Camera Tools
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Available Options:


Craft AutoZoomCam keeps one designated object constant in size while the camera moves. The camera adapts the field of view automatically, in exact proportion to the distance between the camera and the target. The target can be set to follow a moving object. For example if the target is attached to a car that is moving away from the camera, Craft AutoZoomCam will change the zoom in exact proportion to the car’s speed.

Craft AutoZoomCam can be combined with any of Craft’s camera tools or even a regular camera. This way the effects gained from Craft AutoZoomCam are also gained by that camera.


Craft HumanizerCam adds subtle movement to your existing, animated camera. This will give the animation a much more human feel. Craft HumanizerCam can be configured to add just a little bit of noise to give it that little bit of extra life, to a nervous, hand-held camera motion.

Can be used to simulate motions like:
Bomb, Earthquake, Hand-held (Normal), Hand-held (Nervous), Small shakes, Warmth (gives life to the animation), etc.


Craft MotionFilterCam can be used for smoothing and bounce in vehicle camera rigs or third person views. If you configure it for smoothing it works like Craft SoftMotionCam. Or you can configure it for bouncing. Either a soft bounce, as if you would react filming with a hand-held camera when a car drives over a bump or a stiff bounce, perfect for mimicking the motion a camera would get being mounted on a metallic rig on a car.


Craft MultiStateCam has 10 user-defined positions that a camera can jump to at the touch of a button. The user can determine how quickly or slowly the camera moves between the pre-defined positions. As the camera goes from one camera to another it will also transition the camera settings, such as field of view and target distance, to match the settings of the camera it is heading for.

The whole set of cameras is attached to a central node, which in turn can be attached to any moving object. During recording, the director can press the numbers 1 through 0 (for the 10th camera) and the current view will shift to the respective camera. The benefit is not only having ten attached cameras, but having a quick and seamless transition between pre-defined positions and pre-defined camera settings.


Craft ObserverCam is our most intuitive camera. If you move your control forward, the camera moves forward, if you move the control up, the camera goes up and so on. Use a gamepad, joystick, 3d mouse (and more devices) to control the camera in real-time. Get absolute control of the movement and zoom of your camera.

You can either fly around with the camera or mount it on an object and film from that object. The object can be a moving object in your scene or one of our tools created for camera movement such as Craft Spline Speed-Controller.

Craft ObserverCam also has the ability to simulate walking cycles to make it seem like you’re viewing your 3d world from a first person perspective.


Craft SoftMotionCam stabilizes turbulent and unnatural movements of an animated camera, making the motion smooth and natural. Almost like a steady-cam for the 3d camera. Craft SoftMotionCam can also be used as a trailing camera for a moving object, smoothing out any too sudden movements making the animation a lot easier to watch.


Craft SphereCam is constantly pointed at the same point. The camera can pan around the point and look at it from any angle, zooming in and out, moving around it in a big sphere. The center of the sphere can be attached to either a moving or still object. Use an input device like a gamepad/joystick or 3d mouse to control the camera and give it a very realistic, human feel.

Spline Speed-Controller

With Craft Spline Speed-Controller you can create waypoints in your scene. These waypoints will tell Craft Spline Speed-Controller’s Carriage to pause, stop, go a particular speed, etc. This is a very powerful alternative to working with regular spline curves because you’re not working with percentages along the spline, you’re working in world coordinates. So if you decide to either extend or shorten the spline, you do not have to go through the entire spline to find out the percentages for the new positions. Craft Spline Speed-Controller’s waypoints will snap to the closest point on the spline so you can move the waypoints around incredibly fast and easy.

You can also create a path directly from the waypoints which makes Craft Spline Speed-Controller the perfect tool to combine with a camera for visualising.


Craft ZeroGCam is like a satellite in zero G space. If you give it a push, it will continue with a constant velocity in that direction until you give it a new force. This creates a sense of weightless motion.

Use an input device like a gamepad/joystick or 3d mouse to control the camera, send it off in a direction with a slight roll, and watch the liquid, airy feel of its motion.


Craft ZoomAndFocusCam gives you the ability to create and control focus effects in real time. You can shift focus between two points in real time using an input device (gamepad, joystick, etc.). This can either be done gradually or suddenly.

The two points can be attached to moving objects. For example: attach the two points to two cars in a car chase and shift the focus between the two moving cars at the touch of a button.

Manufacturer: Craft Animation

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