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    Fuzor - BIM Solution (Subscription) | Kalloc Studios

    Fuzor - BIM Solution (Subscription) | Kalloc Studios

    Fuzor was developed with productivity and connectivity in mind. Its user-friendly interface goes far beyond just the purpose of visualization. Fuzor's unique capabilities turn your design into a living document, empowering you to take your project from the design phase through validation and analysis, then into the construction phase and even further beyond.

    BIM Solution

    BIM Solution is designed for AEC professionals whose daily tasks focus on collaboration between disciplines, validation and analysis, and overall building functionality. BIM Solution provides a comprehensive validation and analysis features including clash analysis, height clearance checks, lighting analysis and more, as well as helpful 3D visual aids such as component color and visibility overrides. With BIM Solution, AEC professionals can collaborate across multiple disciplines to quickly identify, verify and resolve issues and minimize issue turnaround time.

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