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Hardware Accessoriessub-cat-divider-vertical1Accessories



Find the latest accessories to help facilitate your work.


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Hardware Motioncapture & Trackingsub-cat-divider-vertical1Motioncapture & Tracking


Animation and Biomechanics; Digitise and analyse the movement of people, animals or objects.

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Hardware Workstations & Monitorssub-cat-divider-vertical1Workstations & Monitors

You have the software, your choice of platform is important too. Our workstations are certified for use with applicable products. Want to see colours as your viewing audience sees them? Monitor selection is key.

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Hardware Infrastructure & StorageInfrastructure & Storage


Your transport layer, your production foundation and where you put all that hard work. Solutions for all of your departments.

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Hardware Servers & RendernodesServers & Rendernodes



Serve up your applications and speed up your rendering with a variety of solutions.

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Hardware Offer

  • EditShare Enterprise Bundle Offer


    Purchase an EFS450 system with 3 x 64TB nodes (or larger) and get 3 x EFS40NL for the price of 2. This is a fantastic deal!

    Package includes:

    - 1 x EFS Metadata Controller

    - 3 x 64TB EFS storage nodes

    - 3 x EFS40NL nearline storage nodes

    - Arista 7050TX-64 switch (10Gb/40Gb)

    - spare disks for EFS450 and EFS40NL

    - 2 days install by ES engineer

    - 1 day sysadmin training

    - ES engineer travel expenses for the install and training

    -12 months system support contract

    - International freight to Australian location


    If you would like to have a customised solution, we are very happy to dicuss your requirement and work out a package that suits your need. 

    Call STORM FX today on 1300 061 007 for more information and pricing.


    Offer vaild until 30th November 2017. 


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