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Hardware Accessoriessub-cat-divider-vertical1Accessories



Find the latest accessories to help facilitate your work.


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Hardware Motioncapture & Trackingsub-cat-divider-vertical1Motioncapture & Tracking


Animation and Biomechanics; Digitise and analyse the movement of people, animals or objects.

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Hardware Workstations & Monitorssub-cat-divider-vertical1Workstations & Monitors

You have the software, your choice of platform is important too. Our workstations are certified for use with applicable products. Want to see colours as your viewing audience sees them? Monitor selection is key.

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Hardware Infrastructure & StorageInfrastructure & Storage


Your transport layer, your production foundation and where you put all that hard work. Solutions for all of your departments.

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Hardware Servers & RendernodesServers & Rendernodes



Serve up your applications and speed up your rendering with a variety of solutions.

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Hardware Offer

  • Supercharge your Storage


    Right now EditShare is offering an amazing trade-in program where you can upgrade your current storage system for our award-winning XStream shared storage with integrated media managment tools. This is the ideal opportunity to take your first step into the XStream storage solutions. No matter if you are boutique post production house or an enterprise media facility there is an XStream storage solution specifically created for you:

    XStream HT

    High performance, scalable shared storage ideal for post production facilities that need powerful media and project sharing.

    XStream EFS

    Distributed, fault-tolerant "scale out" storage system that offers enterprise-class storage capabilities and collaboration features.

    Call the Storm FX team today on 1300 061 007 to find out more.

    Trade-in offer applicable between 1st Oct 2016 and ends 26th Dec 2016. One trade-in offer per client/facility, and requires customers to purchase a minimum of double their trade-in storage capacity. Trade-in discounts require the return of a working existing system or proof of storage disposal. Applicable to all NAS and SAN solutions.

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