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Gnomon Live Australia.

04 Mar 2016 - 06 Mar 2016, Melbourne, Australia

Join VFX and animation artists for a weekend of talks, demos and drinks. Gnomon Live Australia presents a first class line-up of LA based VFX and animation artists and Australian industry leaders who will share their strategic thinking and practices developed in some of the industry’s most highly regarded studios including Blizzard Entertainment, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Infinity Ward, Bad Robot and Luma Pictures.

Gaining an international perspective, attendees will have the chance to share ideas and learn techniques from artists who have contributed to Academy Award winning films, high-grossing video games, commercials, and TV productions. Credits include Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Avatar, World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo III, Call of Duty, Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain America and Frozen, amongst many others. Encouraging participation, they will share their techniques, workflows and experiences working in teams of advanced practitioners and award-winning directors. With skills in a wide range of production roles including matte painters, CG supervisors, environment artists, character modellers, compositors and art directors, these talented artists will demonstrate techniques in a variety of CG software that improve efficiency and quality of creative content.

The program is curated by Alex Alvarez, founder and director of Gnomon. Gnomon includes the acclaimed Gnomon School of VFX, Games and Animation in Hollywood, California, as well as The Gnomon Workshop, which provides professional online training for artists. Alex has been described by Fast Company Magazine as a visionary who has helped change the face of computer graphics education, having dedicated the past eighteen years to educating students and professional artists around the world. Gnomon is recognised as the benchmark in computer graphics education for the entertainment industry.

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