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Stay on top of what happening in your field. We’ve created a single point for regularly updated articles, resources, industry news and other stuff we find interesting. If there is a topic you would like to see an article on or a general question you would like answered, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do. Otherwise, enjoy!

Autodesk, Pausefest, and APDG Pre-Pausefest Event.

08 Nov 2012 - 08 Nov 2012, Sydney, Australia

Simplifying Complexity: Revolutionizing Traditional Production -  Pre-Pausefest Event


The very best in the industry stay ahead of the curve by constantly tuning their pipeline to improve productivity without compromising their creative vision. This year we are bringing you the very best the industry has to offer to share their incredible story of staying ahead of the curve.

Do not miss this rare opportunity to meet Jason White from the award-winning, design-focused U.S. production studio Leviathan as he shares his experience working on Amon Tobin's phenomenal "ISAM Live" global concert series, and scores of sensational projects across all markets and industries. Jason will take us behind the scenes of some of the studio's most innovative projects and show how the use of Autodesk® Softimage®, Autodesk® 3DS Max® and Autodesk® Maya in conjunction with other tools from the Autodesk® Entertainment Creation Suite® is putting Leviathan and its clients at the forefront of innovation. In addition, David Zwierzchaczewski of Autodesk will showcase how Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite tools can be used to streamline production and allow your creative vision to be realised faster.

Simplifying Complexity: Revolutionizing Traditional Production
Jason White, Leviathan


After first achieving wide recognition as a fine artist, Jason White began his rise in the field of animation by co-founding Lift Motion Design in Chicago, where he forged strong collaborative relationships with leading advertising agency creatives for a Who's Who of brands. He then helped launch Leviathan as its executive creative director, and after just two years, the studio has emerged as an industry leader in creating phenomenal visual experiences across all media platforms.

"ISAM Live" is among the studio's most high-profile projects to-date (featured in the 2012 Communication Arts Interactive Annual and nominated in the 2011 Association of Independent Music Awards and the 2012 AICP Next Awards), along with other buzz-worthy feats for musical artists Drake and Skrillex, as well as for major brands including Callaway, Dodge, HP, Samsung and The North Face, to name but a few. Leviathan will also soon release "Lilith," its first dramatic short film, which will have its world premiere at Pause Fest 2012.

Realising Your Creative Vision Faster
David Zwierzchaczewski, Autodesk ANZ


With shortening project leadtimes and increasing project complexities, a streamlined production can hold the key to success. David Zwierzchaczewski will be showcasing how the tools in Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite can be used to streamline production and allow your creative vision to be realised faster.

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