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Catapult 2k/4k

Catapult 4K Catapult® 2K and 4K are integrated solutions consisting of an enterprise-grade, redundant, 3RU/4RU server delivering a data rate in excess of up to 2GB/s in RAID5 combined with XDT's unique Catapult® Server software. 

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Catapult Bridge

Catapult® Server's frame sequence scheduling and prioritising is maintained while Catapult® Bridge is accessing files, allowing high-throughput streaming frame access to operate concurrently with high-IOPS random access. 

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Catapult Server

Redefining networked media transfers and review, the Catapult® suite of products delivers unprecedented point-to-point performance by utilizing standard networking infrastructure. 

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Digital Rapids Broadcast Manager

Digital Rapids Broadcast Manager provides enterprise-level management, control, monitoring and failure recovery for multiple encoders. Scalable to hundreds of encoders, Broadcast Manager simplifies operations and more... 

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Digital Rapids C2 Delivery Software

The Digital Rapids C2 delivery software transfers media and data files securely, efficiently and reliably to multiple destinations with a tremendous speed advantage over standard protocols like FTP, and more.. 

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Digital Rapids DRC-Stream 500 Cards & SW

The entry-level professional DRC-Stream 500 bundle combines our DRC-500 PCI capture and preprocessing hardware with the intuitive Stream LE software, delivering real-time, multi-format media capture, and more... 

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Digital Rapids Flux Cards & Software

Versatile card-and-software bundles combine our Flux advanced PCIe capture and pre-processing cards with the easy-to-use Stream LE software, letting you add real-time, multi-format capture, and more... 

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Digital Rapids MediaMesh Content Delivery

The MediaMesh content delivery system combines a robust, scalable delivery framework with full-featured, flexible contribution and receiving appliances, providing efficient, automated digital distribution of media. 

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Digital Rapids Stream VOD Packager

The Stream VOD Packager software reduces the complexity of preparing content for Video On Demand distribution, enabling easy creation of metadata compliant with VOD server specifications and encapsulating it into complete content packages. 

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Digital Rapids StreamZ Encoding Systems

StreamZ versatile, standard-definition media encoding servers deliver high-performance, multi-format video capture and encoding from live sources or decks, transcoding between media file formats and live streaming in comprehensive turnkey solutions. 

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