Whitepaper: Five things to consider before upgrading your NAS

Businesses looking to boost the performance of their NAS environments typically look at a variety of potential upgrades to solve their problem, including adding more hard disk drives (HDDs), short-stroking HDDs, installing Flash PCI cards or solid state drives (SSDs), or upgrading to higher performance and much more expensive NAS controllers. However, these solutions can increase costs unnecessarily, offer minimal performance increases, and are short-term solutions that cannot scale to keep pace with a company’s need to serve new clients and applications. This paper, by Avere Systems,

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Whitepaper: Visual Literacy

This Adobe whitepaper discusses visual literacy as an important aspect of communication. Visual Literacy is defined as the "ability to construct meaning from visual images".

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Whitepaper: Strategies for Digital Communication Skills Across Disciplines

This paper builds on the discussion about digital communication skills development in postsecondary educational institutions, specifically the importance of cross discipline communication.

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Whitepaper: A Study on the Direction of Education

This Adobe produced white paper explores the importance of multimedia literacy in the digital multimedia environment of the 21st century.